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We are pleased to announce that we have recently installed a new pay-as-you-go smart charging point at Glenisla to provide a much needed convenience and service to our guests.

Our charging point is powered by VoltShare and is compatible with all modern electric cars.
EV drivers looking to visit us now never need to worry about running out of charge or stopping over at in transit rapid charging points before arrival; no more range anxiety! We are excited to be part of the zero-emission revolution, promoting clean transport and healthier highland skies.

As part of their commitment, VoltShare has also recaptured 2000-3000 kg of CO2 for each charging point installed.

The charge point is for the exclusive use of our guests. The connection is Untethered, Type 2, with maximum power output of 7kW.

Full instructions for use are provided at the Charge Point.

Note: Using internal plug sockets for EV charging is not permitted.

Our current charging rate is set as £0.36/kWh. Unfortunately, we currently do not have access to cheaper, off-peak tariffs. Please also be aware we may vary this rate without notice, depending upon the price we pay for our electricity.

As with all commercially operated charge sites, we are obliged to charge VAT for the service. However, unlike commercial operators, we’re not VAT registered and have no way of offsetting this cost.